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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  August 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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this child, he says, what have they done to be shelled? what happened confirmed the failure of the united nations. emerged of thes apparent atrocity, britain's secretary was one of the first to call for an investigation. damascus was quick to deny it was responsible. a shocking escalation of the use of weapons in syria. we hope people responsible will one day be held accountable. i hope they blow have unrestricted access to the area and the united nations will be racing this at the un security council. >> the army and armed forces would like to say these allegations are false and
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baseless and such claims within the context of the dirty media war. go ahead with confronting terrorism. >> we sought advice from an expert. >> there appears to be a lot of dead people with no outward wounds that have died of something. some of the symptoms like the debt stairs are very similar to what we saw where thousands of people were killed by nerve .gents >> chemical weapons inspectors are in serious, but they do not have government permission to visit the site and may not get it. it is unclear those responsible will ever face justice.
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>> what is the reaction out of the west? we will go to nick bryant. hearing?you any consensus? >> no consensus. the allegations of this atrocity, and they pointed to the statement of the foreign ministry in moscow. that blames the syrian opposition. said there was provocation to try to de-rail peace talks. the americans, british, and french take a different view. they believe this offers proof of syrian barbarism. they believe it exerts diplomatic pressure to get that team that arrived on sunday to
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look at the size of the allegedly atrocity. >> it sounds like the fault line has always been there. >> even an event of this scale has done nothing to break the have seen deadlock we for two years. it is not even certain the weapons team even if they did get access, with all the technology they needed, even if they did get access, it is quite restricted. it is to say whether weapons were used, not who used them. a visit is highly unlikely and impossible.
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you would still get a claim as to who used them. >> inks for a much. today the white house expressed deep concerns over these reports. joined by the man who used to be president obama's coordinator. that is a fairly depressing reaction from the international community. even if the us inspect others -- if the inspectors get there, their mandate is so limited. to act have been unable with any force because of the divisions between russia and the westone hand and on the other, so the security council has been unable to take action, and it reflect fundamentally different interest
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with theg hours western government calling on a flawed to leave. politicals not much activity. even if there was, is there much that could be done about these chemical weapons? >> these operations are very different. they would run the risk of triggering even more chemical weapons use. if the assad government thought butas going down in flames, i agree there is no pressure for president obama to get involved in another war in the middle east. he is determined to avoid
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reaction. >> would an attempt to avoid be possible and affect it? i think it is extremely unlike leave. wheres. has some ideas of there is reduction. even under the best circumstances you would only get a percentage of the weapons. syrian airround the force, but that would not stop the syrian government from doing other means of delivery. would these images change
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political calculation? thisey are horrified by terrible civil war, but i do not isthe public at large interested in this experience in iraq and afghanistan without much to show for it. --t i think is like lee likely is the white house will provide -- step up to equipment. >> egypt president mubarak will in hours. he was sentenced to life in , but judges accepted his appeal.
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>> for a lifetime he commanded egypt, but he has been behind bars. the relics of the revolution of what the 11 are still in tyree square.e -- tahrir people fought and died here to remove mubarek from power. they wonder was it worth it. is the revolutionary clock being turned back in egypt? >> millions demented than
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celebrated an end to his 30 year rule. egypt chose grip, democracy. the 26-year-old fought and died to bring about president mubarak 's downfall. she clings to the memory of her son and his sacrifice. she says mubarek has the blood of hundreds on his hands. >> he should we hang. -- be hanged. he gave the order to kill our children.
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>> the courts found mubarak to blame, but that is eating overturn. some want the former president back. >> egypt was respect did. during mubarak's time, no one egypt.o oppose >> it is not clear when he will be released from these walls. he will be under house arrest. is no hoping to escape his legacy. difficult time in egypt and syria as well. nuclear asked earth in japan say contamination at the fukushima powerplant is more serious than previously revealed as workers
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try to prevent nuclear material from leaking in a storage tank. they have upgraded it on a scale of one to three. -- to the government nixon tapes. we have the final and almond of tapes -- installment of tapes recorded. the have and released at the national archives. they were recorded over three months and cover the culmination of the watergate's candle. they amount to 3000 hours -- watergate scandal. 35 years in prison was handed down to bradley manning, accused documents to wikileaks.
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he said he wanted to spark debate, but he was convicted of 20 counts, including espionage. court toy arrived in hear his fate. he had already been found guilty of the the and knowledge. .- of espionage the judge sentenced him to 35 years in prison and dishonorable discharge. showing no flicker of emotion. his family in wales has been watching with trepidation. the sentence could have been a lot harsher. manning will be paroled -- up
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for parole in seven years time. has led anbama unprecedented crackdown on whistleblowers. >> the time to end suffering is now. protecting focus on whistleblowers is now. the time or our president to pardon manning is now. >> this is why bradley manning footage showing the killing of civilians. diplomaticrelease of cables that really embarrassed the americans. oath and caused great harm to the united states,
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and now he has to go to jail for a long time. rex manning told the court he wanted to change the world for the editor. earlier he argued he wanted to start a debate. >> still to come, china's biggest elliptical trial in .ecade is about to get underway have enough anam lot of that economic news over the past few years, but there is one thing perking them up, and that is coffee. we report on the economic jolt. >> this is the coffee bean. is one of vietnam's most valuable commodities. the country could overtake
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brazil and become the largest x order. -- largest exporter. to make it even more challenging, traditional agricultural prices have all it could just as lee over decades, --file and can distantly onsistantly over decades. >> the united nations as he mated -- s mated coffee prices will rise. emergingn is a newly middle class. the bulk of those will be in asia.
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an economic at vantage. advantage. thats enough manufacturing makes it easy to promote another one like haughey. vietnam understands you have to do your own processing to add value to the sale. you are not just selling beans but a variety of coffee flavor. >> he was one of the most powerful men in china, but tomorrow he will go on trial after one of the biggest scandals to rock the country in years. he is accused of bribery and abuse of power.
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>> with the world's media as usual they are given short shrift. shout their support for the man about to go on trial. year he was one of the most powerful men in china, but last year his wife was found guilty of murdering her british business partner. he was found poisoned to death in a chinese hotel room in 2011. he is accused of trying to protect his wife, and his career was brought to an end.
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>> while china is key to sell this case as proof no one is above the law, it provides a rare glimpse into the heart of chinese policy. >> he was creating his own brand he built housing estates and encouraged singing songs communist hearties -- party songs. the ordinary people will see the trees he planted and houses he built, this man says. one academic who at rises tom in his party of the shoals -- who advises communist
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officials have a report of what this is about. ambitiousvery politically. >> all that remains now is for it bidding. do what did you do on your summer vacation? question kids will face around the world. two girls that a new record by standing on top of a plane, making them the youngest formation weaned walkers.
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wind walkers. intoey are about to fly the record. they are not the only ones, isause that the controls their grandfather. it was the girls who persuaded their granddad to let them do it. they wanted to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy. surely there must the easier ways than this. they strike poses i wonder
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woman. e wonder woman. 10 minutes later they all seem relieved. >> it was really cool how you can see all the houses. >> were you terrified? x i was a little. let see if you are shaking. you are shaking a little. what did you do during the summer holidays? >> extraordinary, and my children are not allowed to do anything like that.
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the united nations security council has agreed on a need for clarity on the allegation that. government used chemical -- allegations the syrian government used chemical weapons. the government has the night using those weapons. they so much for watching. -- the government has denied using those weapons. thanks so much for watching. i will see you tomorrow. sense of international news -- at >> funding of this presentation
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is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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ácaptioning sponsored by ámacneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: syrian rebels accused government forces of using poison gas today in a deadly attack near the capital, damascus. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the "newshour" tonight, the alleged attack comes as u.n. investigators look into previous reports of chemical-weapons. we explore how the use of poison gas could be confirmed. >> ifill: then, army private bradley manning gets thirty-five years in prison for releasing classified information to wikileaks.
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we wrap up today's developments in his court martial. >> suarez: a new report says the national security agency can access a large swath of all u.s. internet traffic, including the content of emails. margaret warner digs into the details. >> ifill: and we continue our look back at the march on washington 50 years on. tonight, reflections from one of its organizers, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton. >> it was startling to see so many people come. and i remember standing at the lincoln memorial, looking out. look, looking out was what was the sight for me, because i could not see the last person. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by:
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>> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> suarez: the syrian government pounded rebel areas outside the capital, damascus, early today, and antigovernment activists said some rockets included chemical weapons that killed hundreds of people. .(children shouting/crying) women and children shielded their faces with handkerchiefs. while victims-- writhing in pain-- gasped for air,some foaming at the mouth. these amateur videos-- all posted on social media websites
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and cannot be independently verified-- showed scores of bodies filling clinic floors and hallways. all showed little signs of visible injuries. one local doctor's account: >> (translated): it is a huge crisis, the number of victims is very high, we have ran out of atropine and hydrocortisone. i have carried in my own hands around 50 dead children. the gas was losing its effect after half an hour, but unfortunately people went down to the basements, and because the gas is heavy, it reached the basements, and as a result, the number of wounded increased. >> suarez: it's all evidence, syrian opposition leaders in turkey say, of the government's gassing of its own civilians, in what could be one of the deadliest incidents in the two-year-long syrian conflict. >> the faces of terrorists that bashar al-assad is targeting. this massacre puts the world on attention, it really sends a message to all international


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